Old Timer Tales

I remember when I used to listen to older folks telling tales to each other. I always wondered if the stories I heard were true, or just made up for the hell-of-it. And now it doesn't really matter because it was pure enjoyment on my part. It doesn't seem as though older people would waste their time thinking up stories when they had whole lifetimes to remember actual ones.
Now that I am an old-timer myself I find myself trying to remember some of those old tales from the past. This segment of my website will be devoted to "Old Timer Tales". Some are ones I remember from my past, some are from recent interviews with town elders and some, I hope, will come from you, which I will publish as they are emailed to me.
I am not going to use the story tellers name ... just he if the story-teller is a man, she if it is a woman, and me if it is....................... me!
I am going to dedicate this to my friend of 67 years Lee Roger Tegu, recently deceased. Lee was in my White Mountain Trader store a week, or so, before he passed. He dropped of some local memorabelia for my museum. Lee's father was Pete Tegu and the Tegu's operated many theaters in northern New Hampshire and Vermont. One of the benefits of having Lee as a friend was that I saw every movie that came to town at least twice!
I was away over last weekend. My store is open Wed-Sat noon til 5 oclock. I stopped at the post office in North Haverhill and picked up my mail, including the Bridge Weekly newspaper. As usual I tossed the paper on a showcase on my way the the light switches. After turning on the lights, putting out the open flag, and turning on the radio ... my ritual is to open the paper and it was a real shocker!
The first couple of pages were stuck together and the obituary page was the first I saw. And there was the obituary of Lee! It took about an hour for my nerves to settle down. Now, a week later, the reality is finally starting to set in. A customer walked in about an hour after I had opened the store, that day. He had a paper in his hand and said, "Isn't this the same man you and I were talking to last week?" Unfortunately I had to saw yes. He just shock his head. This is how Lee effected people. This man felt as badly as me only having know Lee for a week. My very best goes out to Janet and their children. Lee is gone but I have 67 years of memories and tales ... some of which I will tell in the following days.

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