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*** The up-coming election.
***I don't know what in the world has happened to the Republican party. We are just handing over elections to a Democrat, because we offer too many choices, most of which or poor to begin with, which splits the pie into too many pieces. It also makes fools of all of the candidates when they start in with negative advertising
McCain who let us down in the last election, now feels he is qualified to support a candidate. Why is he letting us down again???
*** Newt is without a doubt the most knowledgable of any of the candidates. Like most itelligent people he comes up with too many ideas, some of which are not as good as they might have been; given a moment of thought. That is what intelligent people do. Rick Santorum is, with-out-a-doubt, the most qualified when considering his ethics, political experience and straight forward honesty. He is not afraid to say exactly how he feels about any political subject and is willing to explain why he feels that way.

Gingrich/Santorum is our only hope for change!

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