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*** I recently finished my 10th year on ebay. And, most of the time I encountered many great customers. Many became friends who frequently emailed me as to what-ever was on their mind at the moment ... and it has been a good experience overall.
*** Speaking of experience! I have never avoided disclosing my experience. I feel the past is all part of who we are and how we conduct ourselves. First off my ancesters moved to Haverhill ... (North Haverhill) in 1840. My great-great grandfather Edward Hobbs, a widower, came here from Warren as a schoemaker. He lived with a family until he had their shoes in order and then he would move on to the next family, and so on. So, I do have roots in this community.
*** I am a graduate gemologist having earned that degree from the Gemological Institute of America. And, while I was vice president of a small jewelry chain, obtained the title of certified gemologist., through the American Gem Society.
*** I discovered a diamond specimen containing what is termed as "gluiding". Up until that time it was only thought of as existing, but a specimen had never been known to exist. It was named after me and I donated it to the Gemological Institute of America with the idea that it had to be made available for student study.
*** I also was trouble shooter for the largest jewelry repair company in the states. The company only leased in #1 department store in a city. I also did work for the White House, Parke-Bernet and Christies galleries and was approved by the probate court as expert witness and chosen to settle estate claims.
*** The point of this "OPINION" article is that after 10 years on ebay I finally received my very first negative feedback, It was from an advertiser in local papers that, evidently, is too ashamed or embarrassed, to reveal his name and background. His name is Doug Nash, from Bath, with a 747 phone number, and is in a similar business to mine, other than I have a store front and am man enough to face people head on!
*** Mr. Nash, on the other hand, and with complete neglect to ebay recommendations and operational rules, gave the following "childlike" feedback ... "A total piece of junk, never mentioned wear marks". Ebay asks that people contact the seller before making harsh comments, to settle matters like normal people should. Mr. Nash was not man enough to do that. Instead he took the cowardly way out, by leaving a nasty feedback!
*** So, I advise people to think twice before selling your items to a newspaper ad that doesn't care to reveal who, or more importantly' WHAT they are, or what their background is!
*** I invite Mr. Nash to send me his response and any background experience he has, and I will publish it. I hope he gives complete information, such as education, experience, any interaction with law enforcement, employment ... etc. Just click here ... DOUG. email. Or, you can call DOUG direct and ask him yourself at 747-4000. Perhaps you would like to sell him some of your personal items??? If so, just call and invite him into your home.
*** I have other stories about Mr. Nash ... like the one a customer told me the other day. That was a real whopper!... and guess who walked in, right in the middle of the story . . the person envolved in the story ... boy! did the smoke rise!!!

*** UPDATE ... Guess what ... Mr. Nash has a new ad. And he now let's you know who he is and who you will be dealing with. Well, he let's you half know ... he says his name is Doug. Hmmmmmmmmmm! What is the mystery? Why not just state who you are and let people check on your background before they allow you into their home.
He does give what i assume is a reference to experience ... (AARP). I wonder how long it took to take that test? My test for "Graduate Gemologist" took four (4) hours. If you got 100% you pass and if you score 99% you flunk! The test for Certified Gemologist had to be taken monthly, and it was always a real mind bender! Show me your CERTS ... DOUG!